Inseminated By 2 Black Men 8

Starring: Chanel Chavez, Katie Ray, Kelly Rose

WHAT CHU STARIN AT, MAN? Yo, I get tired of peckerwoods starin at my sh*t. The answer is yes, my dick is mos bigger than yours. And yes, all girls – including yo wife and girlfriend – like big c*cks. Bigger is better worldwide, f`real. So what now? You gots anything mo to ax? Why don`t you get yo peeps off my jock, and send yo bitch over. Once me and my nigga hit it, she ain`t never gonna be down wit dat pencil in your pants. But tell you what, if you suck our cum outta her p*ssy, maybe someday you c*ck will grow up to be big and black like ours.

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